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What is this?

This site is open-source and describes how Organa works and why. Think of it as our DNA, or, our manifesto.

The way we work and why, is so important to us that we wanted to describe it in detail. In the process, we discovered Crisp, an extraordinary company in Sweden. The content here comes largely from Crisp documenting the way they work so please see below for our acknowledgement of them.

Organa is a home for experts who provide a range of services such as coaching, facilitation, training and consulting.

People are intrigued when we talk about this and are curious as to how it works in practice.

Between what we’ve learned from Crisp and our amazing mates at Nomad8 in New Zealand, we’ve converged on a model that works well for us. And that’s basically the sweet spot between being an independent consultant and being an employee.

Want to start a similar org? See How to clone the Organa DNA. Or if you like, go back to the source and clone the Crisp DNA.

Why open-source the Organa DNA?


What’s described on the following pages are values we’ve held for a long-time; they just didn’t have anywhere to be expressed until Organa came along.

What we found when we sat down to articulate and express who we are, how we work, how we want to be, and how we want our company to be, we realised there are others out there who feel the same way.

Spending time with our mates Nomad8 in New Zealand, we realised they run the way we want to. We’ve had lots of drinks and dinners with these folk and they’ve been super helpful. We also learned that they learned off their friends, Crisp, in Sweden.

When we poured over the Crisp website we came across their DNA, a detailed expression of who they are. And they encourage others who are interested, to copy their content from Github. So we did :)

Whilst much of it has been morphed into our language, Crisp have done the heavy work to document it.

So we’d like to thank them both from deep within our hearts because a lot of what we say here, is what they say and think too.

Thank you Nomad8 and thank you Crisp.